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Written by Author goes here — 16th March, 2024.

Amnesty International is an international non-governmental organization headquartered in the United Kingdom, with a global network of over ten million members and supporters dedicated to promoting and defending human rights.

Clients Challenge:

Amnesty International faced the challenge of organizing a press conference in Vancouver to announce the launch of a new human rights report developed in partnership with northern B.C. First Nations. The organization sought a reliable audiovisual services provider capable of delivering an impactful live stream to engage its global audience, including supporters and stakeholders. We also hosted national television stations and provided them with the appropriate broadcast feed.


  • Event Type: Press conference announcing a human rights report.
  • Location: Leap Creative Studios, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Technical Requirements:

  • Video playback integration.
  • Seamless slide presentations.
  • Audio setup for a 3-4 microphone press conference.
  • Optimal lighting and PA system.
  • Dedicated press audio feed.
  • Live broadcasting to Zoom and Facebook.
  • Chat integration for virtual attendees.
  • Closed captions for accessibility.
  • Recording and export of the entire press conference.
  • Utilization of Leap Studio 1 as the event space.

Our Response:

StreamCity, a leading audiovisual services provider with expertise in live streaming and event production, responded to Amnesty International's challenge by designing a comprehensive solution tailored to the unique needs of the press conference

Technical Expertise:

  • StreamCity brought its technical expertise to seamlessly integrate video playback, slide presentations, and audio solutions. A professional setup ensured optimal lighting and clear sound for both in-person and virtual attendees

Platform Integration:

  • Live broadcasting service was facilitated to both Zoom and Facebook, expanding the reach of the press conference to a global audience. Chat functionality and closed captions were integrated to enhance the virtual experience

Recording and Export:

  • StreamCity ensured a high-quality recording of the entire press conference, providing Amnesty International with a digital download for archival purposes, social media clips, and stakeholder sharing

Event Space Optimization:

  • Leap Studio 1 was configured as an ideal meeting space for the press conference, contributing to the event's overall success. Moreover, the strategic location of StreamCity's Leap Studio 1, being only 15 minutes away from Vancouver International Airport (YVR), proved to be an ideal setting for the press conference. The accessibility of the studio not only facilitated the smooth logistics of the event but also highlighted the convenience for participants travelling to and from YVR airport


The collaboration between Amnesty International and StreamCity resulted in a highly successful press conference. The technical execution met and exceeded expectations, providing a seamless experience for both the physical and virtual audience. The live stream effectively engaged Amnesty supporters and stakeholders globally, fostering greater awareness of the human rights report.

The recorded content allowed Amnesty International to preserve the press conference for future reference, social media sharing, and continued advocacy efforts. StreamCity's commitment to technical excellence, coupled with a collaborative approach, contributed to the success of this significant event for Amnesty International, aligning with the organization's mission to champion human rights on a global scale.

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